Error: Uploading Workflow Rules from Editor to Instance

I am using the latest stable release of Youtrack(self-hosted), and the latest Workflow Editor.

I am attempting to add a new rule that notifies the assignee when an issue is assigned to them. I would like to send a link along with the email. My rule is as follows:

rule Notify Assignee when Assigned
when Assignee.changed{
     Assignee.notify(issue.getId() + " [Assigned]", "<a href=/"" + issue.getUrl() + ""/>" + issue.getID() +"</a> has been assigned to you. \nPlease review!" );

I took the concatenation practices and escape methods directly from the Workflow Language Quick Reference  

When I try to perform upload of Workflow Rules to the instance I get success messages except for the one rule in question.

A message body reader for Java type, class jetbrains.youtrack.workflow.rpc.ErrorBean, and MIME media type, text/html, was not found

When I inspect the underwaved sections I get feedback on hover:

Error: Incorrect String Literal

Any help in understanding why this is incorrect would be greatly appreciated! As I said before, I took that directly from code examples in the documentation.
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Please try to use \ (backslash symbol) instead of / (slash) to escape " (quote).
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Thank You! Should've known... or at least tried! That is the correct answer, back slashes escape the quote just fine.

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