Some attachments fail to upload

Hi there,

Using the standalone version, one issue accepts attachments (word files), one doesn't and it's kind of a random thing. The error displayed in logs is  "[user@host]Try to add null commandResponse." There's also a popup in the Youtrack windows saying "Transaction aborted".

The file size limit is around 10MB, the file I'm trying to upload is 1,2MB.

Any ideas what could be wrong ?

Thank you.
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Hello Simon,

Was it raised after particular action?
Please, provide me with details:
  • what YouTrack version do you use
  • how it was installed (war, exe, jar)
  • attach Administration> Statistics page

Thank you.
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No, it's a fresh install, we've just started using it. And after trying it out and etc. this issue came up.

The Youtrack version is 5.2.5.
It's running as a standalone jar with nginx.
here's a link to the statistics:

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Thank you.
Could you please also provide me with YouTrack logs (<user_home>/.youtrack/logs)?
It can be sent to

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