Push notifications from YouTrack

I want to share tickets between my CRM and YouTrack. I'v seen that YT integrates with Zendesk, so the machinary is already there, but seems not accessible to third party developers.

So far, I think I have two options:

  • Polling YT from the CRM (don't like this)
  • Using Jabber notifications. Not tried, but it should work this way: install a jabber server, create a Jabber user for my application, create the account in YT, translate Jabber messages to JMS (Camel has an XMPP connector)

Is there any alternative?
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Hello Raffaele,

I think alternatives are unavailable at the moment.
Second option should work. BTW, are you configuring Stand-alone YouTrack or InCloud version? Custom Jabber server is available only in Stand-alone YouTrack; InCloud has default *.myjetbrains.com server, it cannot be changed.

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