Strange "search"using fulltext

I found really strange thing:

I try to search in list of issues - all issues which contains string "List". That's pretty easy:
Enter search request: *List*
It find 238 issues included 10 issues named "XxxListener", e.g. UdalostListener, TechnikaListener etc.

But when I modify search request this way:
and expect that it will find all 10 issues named "XxxListener", I get 0 (!!) issues as result and message "No issues found".

How is it possible, when these issues are present and match the search criteria?
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Please, tell me: did anybody else notice a bit strange fulltext search in YT? Our problems with that remains ... the example above is just one case, but there is much more "problematic phrases" available. Why? Where is the problem? How to use it "correctly" to be sure that when it doesn't find any issue, it is because there is not any issue with that text available. Now it can mean that YT simply doesn't find it and I've no clue why :(

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