What is the expected behavior on a reply to an email notification

We have the following setup:
email sent from youtrack@mycompany.com
an imaps inbox monitoring the youtrack@mycompany.com inbox
a rule that maps that email address to a "YouTrack Inbox" project (we move items out of that project and into the appropriate project once we review them)

When a user replies to an email notification sent from youtrack (for example a comment added) it is creating a new issue in the system rather than merging it into the comments of the issue that sent the notification.  Is this expected?  I could have sworn we had it working as I expect (merging replies into the existing issue), but I'm not sure if/what changes caused it to stop working.

Please advise

Thank You
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Hello Michael,

So, issues created from email moved to 'YouTrack Inbox' project, right?
Emails will be merged in one issue thread only when issue exists in target project without changes (moving to another one). Mailbox integration works per project, so moves to another one, new issue will be created from new coming email in former project.

Thank you.
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Yes, that does seem to be what is happening.  Is there any way I can work around this?  I thought of creating a rule for each project to go against the same mailbox and they can filter out emails that do not pertain to them using the "filter messages by patterns" functionality, however it does not seem to work.

The alternative of creating an email address for each project does not scale.

Let me know what you recommend.

Thank You

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