How to get time report with time tracking comments?

hey guys,

we wonder how to get our comments on time tracking into the time report?

The only thing i see in the report are the tickets an the time spent on them, but
we like to break it down to the detailed work steps and times that we can set for every ticket...

Thank you!
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This feature is already developed but not released yet:

We can't give estimations when this feature is going to be available, but it should be in the nearest future, so please watch the updates and announces.

Hello Lars,

With YouTrack 5.x it's not possible. You're able to show work types on Time Report, which is also helpful.
However, I'm happy to recommend you our brand new reports. Please, try and let me know if need any further assistance with this.

Thank you.
Finally was able to get V5 to V6 update completed and am loving the dashboard.  But I was disappointed to find that the type of Time Report I need is still not available.

I think what Lars is asking is the same thing I'm looking for, namely the ability to see the actual Time Entries for the issues selected in the report.  I use a third party application for billing, but I like the ability to enter time straight into YT, allowing me to have only the issue I'm working on open in my browser. In order to update my billing system at the end of the day, I have to run a time report that lists time by issue, click on each issue, click on Time Tracking, then copy/paste each time entry into my billing system.  It would be much easier if I could see the individual time entries on a Time Report with the the full detail (Time Entry Date, Time Entry Comment, Time Entry Duration).  I don't need to see the Time Entry Type since the comments usually indicates what type of entry it is.

Is it possible to access these records via the API?  If so, I may try just writing a client that would give me a Detail report of all the Time Entries for the date range selected.


Same problem here - we need a timetracking-report, where we get a listing with all time entries with comment belonging to the selected issues.

It is possible to get this information via rest-api, so it should be possible to enrich the timetrackingreports with this feature.


Hi, I am using Yaware for time tracking. It generates reports and send them per e-mail every day/week/month. Check it out


as far as I can see, the option to show comments in the time report is still not included. I guess you guys don't plan to add it so I was just wondering if anyone found any alternative solution (while still using YouTrack of course) to somehow generate time reports but with logged comments included?


Hi, would need this feature as well.

Currently when you do a CSV-export of the report the comments are included.


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