Using youtrack as help desk, prevent linking of issues with the same subject


I am using "sort by: created asc commenter: Reporter updated by: Reporter" as a saved search to identify issues where an end user has replied.

This is working well but an issue we have replied to appears in the search again if another user emails in using the same text in their email as the reporter links the new issue to the one we have already resolved.

Is it possible to disable this?

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Hello Dan,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
You have two issues with identical subjects; engineer leaves comment and reporter replies by email> comment adds to another issue with similar subject, correct?
Could you please attach particular emails (in original .eml format) and point me which email should be added as a comment to which.

Thank you.
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No, the issue is that if an issue is resolved and a issue is linked with the 'relates' link type it appears in this list. I can't see a way of disabling 'relates' for individual projects.

I saw this in the comments section of Using YouTrack 5.1 as Your Help Desk, I changed "user" to Reporter and "state new" to "status open", do I need the speech marks? Do I add this a as seperate rule or within the notifyunregisteredusers rule?

Hi, I want to set issue state to new when new comment comes from the customer. I tried bunch of workflow code but couldn’t make it happen. Can you help?

    Vitaliy says:    
    March 11, 2014 at 2:12 am    


    For example:
    when comments.added.isNotEmpty {
    if (comments.canBeUpdatedBy(“user”)) {
    issue.applyCommand(“state new”);

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