Import projects to Youtrack 6 from 5.2


We have a standalone youtrack 5.2 instance hosting 4 projects and I need to add another 3.

I got the email abpout version 6 today and just want to confirm that this is possible before I start on it.

Our 5.2 instance was installed on a hyper-v host so needs to be moved onto a dedicated vm.

Instead of migrating I'm planning on installing 6 with the trial license setting up the new projects and then importing the old projects and applying the license before the end of the trial.


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Hello Dan,

You may import projects with this import script.
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I have set up the new youtrack on the vm and have followed the instructions but I am getting an error:

When I execute the command in python I get:

File "<stdin>!, line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

If I run from an administrative command prompt I get:

  File "", line 45
    """ % os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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A previous (old) thread mentioned using youtrack2youtrack for real-time replication between 2 YouTrack servers. Is this still possible? I noticed the how to page says, "If you try to re-import same project several times, then you must delete previously imported data before the next attempt." Does this mean I must run a separate command to clear all data from the project before re-importing?

My ideal situation would be to run youtrack2youtrack in a cronjob every 5 to 15 minutes.

Thanks for the help.
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I also try to move projects from version 5.2.4 to version 6.0. When you try to restore a backup from the web interface does not start. When you try to import using scripts tolerated project, but without it available issues.
Script when transferring writes:

Error for 409: Conflict: Issue link type [ Depend ] already exists.
Error for 409: Conflict: Issue link type [ Duplicate ] already exists.
Error for 409: Conflict: Issue link type [ Relates ] already exists.
Error for 409: Conflict: Issue link type [ Subtask ] already exists.

All this is done on a virtual machine in Ubuntu Server 12.04.
Server clean, no projects. Writes the same thing when you try to import from 5.2.4 to version 5.2.4
What am I doing wrong?

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