Fully confused on how to use jabber incloud

I have enabled jabber notifications. Then I send the test message. What is the account? If I enter my google apps myname@mycompany.com/gmail.com I have no idea where that is going.

Then in profile there is the "Jabber" field. What is supposed to go in that field? The same thing I would enter in the settings test message.

And how the does mycompany@myjetbrains.com account play into things. If I try to configure that in in pidgen its asking for a password. But I have no idea if I even configured it correctly.

I have looked at all the blogs, the video, and docs and find nothing that explains clearly how to set this up. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your feedback!
Under Administration> Settings> Jabber notifications are already set Jabber bot username and Jabber server. For InCloud instances, these parameters are default and couldn't be changed.
Under Profile> Jabber set third party Jabber address to which notifications from your InCloud jabber bot will be sent.
Sometimes it's better to send test message (Profile> Jabber> send test message)and add InCloud jabber bot in friend list to make it work.

Let me know if still unclear.
Hmm, so I guess my problem is that test messages never make it to my google apps business account. Do you know how the "resource" plays into sending messages? I have tried:

1) myemail@mydomain.com
2) myemail@mydomain.com/gmail.com
3) myemail@mydomain.com/gmail.com/

But then there is the Connect-port of '5222' and Connect-server of 'talk.google.com'. Do these need to appear in the address for the test message?

Maybe all this is google apps specific and I should be asking elsewhere...
Well, I got it work just fine using my private gmail.com account. So probably the troubles above are related to using google apps accounts.

Thank you getting back with details.
Your google jabber address should be pointed as myemail@mydomain.com .
And yes, there are issues with google business apps accounts. With common GTalk all works well.

Thank you.

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