Multiple Ports

In v5.2.5, I had configured YouTrack to listen on both port 80 and port 8080, to accommodate internal and external traffic. I've just upgraded to v6, and it's only listening on port 80.

The instructions for changing the port suggest that v6 can only listen on a single port.

I changed the port to 8080, as that's what the external traffic is using. I then had to set up port-forwarding in Windows to forward port 80 to port 8080, so that internal traffic would still work.

Once I'd set up the port-forwarding, I got an error from YouTrack telling me that Ring integration wasn't configured correctly. Since that doesn't seem to be required, I've disabled the integration, and the site now appears to be working.

Two questions:
  • Is there any way to make v6 listen on two ports like v5, or are we stuck with port-forwarding?
  • Will disabling Ring integration have any negative impact on our installation?

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