Changes to the REST interface

I did an integration with Slack. Just installed 6 and performed the upgrade yesterday. That went very easily, which is great, but now my integration is not working. It's picking up new tickets, but not comments anymore. I looked at the documentation page for the REST API and don't see any mention of changes with the new version. Something has to have changed because we had this running 24x7 on a lot of projects and it was pouring comments right up to the time of upgrade.

Thanks for your feedback!
Are there any erros in logs while script is executing? With what method do you add comments?
No errors. For some reason, the code worked before and does not now, ONLY for comments. I looked at it and it seems the REST code is still working because the comments are extracted. The logic that figures out whether the comment was made since the last change must be where the problem is, begging the question why did it work in the old version? the tagging of comments, date-wise, must have changed?
Hi Rob,

Does it seem possible to provide me with the script? I guess I'd be better assist you when have a look at the code.

Thank you.

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