How to set up YouTrack GitHub integration when a shared repository is used by multiple YouTrack Projects

Either my Google-fu has failed me or this hasn't been documented somewhere.


3 repositories
  • Shared
  • ProjectARepo
  • ProjectBRepo

2 YouTrack projects
  • ProjectA
  • ProjectB

On YouTrack ProjectA I was able to successfully link the ProjectARepo and Shared repositories.

On YouTrack ProjectB I was able to link ProjectBRepo, but I get an error about the Shared repository not being unique when I go to add it to the Project.

Is there a way of setting this up?



Commonly, integrating two YouTrack projects with shared GitHub repo is not possible. But applying commands will work for both YouTrack projects if you set this up just for one of them. Links will work for one YouTrack project only.

Thank you.

Has this changed at all?

Our organization has SOA with many projects touch many repositories.  We don't care as much about viewing github artifacts in youtrack, but our team really cares about being able to close tickets from git commits. Can any repo close a ticket in any project, or only in the single-project:single-repo context?

We're evaluating youtrack vs competitors. Thanks for the info!



Hi Mario, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay.
When you create a GitHub integration in Youtrack, you map one YouTrack project to one GitHub repository. You can map multiple YouTrack projects to multiple GitHub repos, but you will need to create a separate integration for each pair.
If you'd like to to map a repo to multiple YT projects at the same time, it's not currently possible in YouTrack, unfortunately. Please vote for this feature request in our tracker to increase its priority and be notified of the updates:
Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you!


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