ldap auth DN problem


I'm trying to use youtrack with our openldap system but it doesn't work like I want. I want to login with a "firstname.lastname" login format (the uid on our ldap) but it only works with the CN field "Firstname Lastname" because our DN is using the CN field and not the uid field.

The current configuration works (with CN) like this:
Server URL: ldap://ldap.xxx.yyy.fr
DN Transform: cn=%u,ou=Users,dc=yyy,dc=fr
Filter: uid=%u

On others tools i can login with uid. Here are some examples:

uris = ldap://ldap.xxx.yyy.fr ldap2.xxx.yyy.fr
ldap_version = 3
base = ou=Users, dc=yyy, dc=fr
scope = subtree
user_filter = (mail=%u) #mail=%u is the same value than uid
pass_filter = (mail=%u) #mail=%u is the same value than uid

server_host = ldap://ldap.xxx.yyy.fr ldap2.xxx.yyy.fr
version = 3
search_base = ou=Users, dc=yyy, dc=fr
query_filter = (mail=%s)
result_attribute = uid

How can I achieve this ?


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