Few Thoughts on 6

Overall a really good release.

Here are a few questions/thoughts:

  • Having the Timer be triggered by In Progress is surely not a good idea. Is there any thought to coming up with a better solution?
  • How should people record time spent planning/meeting? This is kind of a classic thing that gets discussed for any system that adds time. Did not see any mention in docs or on the blog.
  • For me, the User management redesign is a disaster. One of the clear areas where YT was better than JIRA was the latter's completely inscrutable rat maze of permissions configuration. Congratulations, YT is now almost identically indecipherable.

Backlog as a saved search is also pretty suboptimal. One of the most appealing parts of YouTrack is that you really can just stay on the board 90% of the time. I want to have backlog as a prioritized, just off stage list of items that should be picked up if we run out of items on the list, not every scrap of undone gristle.
Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts!

1. You mean workflow 'jetbrains-youtrack-workTimer'? Indeed, you're able to modify it according your goals. Not sure, you really meant the workflow, but didn't get your case. Could you please specify?

2. Timer tracking option wasn't actually redesigned comparing to YouTrack 5.x. When enable Time tracking for target project, you're able to log work items into the issue. There are work item types availble for the option, so you may point, say, spent 4h for Development, or spent 1h for Discussion. Here is the doc http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD6/Adding+Work+Items+to+Issue

3. Clear. I'm sure you're already aware of this but, here is the guide http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD6/Managing+User+Access .Since YouTrack 6.0 we deliver YouTrack bundling with Hub application, which is, in fact, User management for JetBrains services (in future), so to ease user management for all srvices like TeamCity, YouTrack, UpSource installed altogether.

But there was nothing relating to Backlog. So how did you manage to solve the case in previous versions?
1. the way we read the documentation, if you want YT to time your work sessions, it will automatically start and stop the timer based on the ticket going into the In Progress state. The problem with that is I might work a few hours and leave that ticket, to come back to it later, and work on something else. I want it left in the In Progress state.

I got the backlog working again, not sure how that got jacked up.

You did not really answer #2: if you use YT as the system of record for time, what is the recommended way to record time in meetings?? simple question no?


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