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I have no idea from your documentation how to set user's permissions.  Something about roles and groups.  It is not intuitive.  I cannot find a tutorial or help that says how to give other users (I am root, apparently) We are new users and one of my team needs to be able to produce reports and has been denied access.
I actually want everyone on the team to have full permissions for issues and issue reports.
Please give me steps to change users permissions.
Michael B.
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Hello Michael,

Thank you for your feedback!
Did you mean this guide? At the bottom of the page, there are instructions in order they should be taken.
Required permissions are Read, Create issue; Read, Create comment; Read, Create private comments. You may create custom role with target permissions set or just assign predefined role to the group, applied to target project. To ease the process, just assign Developer role to New users group to be applied to Global project. This can be done under Administration> Groups> New users> Grant access.

I recommend you to learn the guide in step-be-step order before further managing the instance.

You're also welcome to share your points here.

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