Cannot change port from 8080 in YT 6.0

I want to change the port from 8080 to something else (say 8181). I tried to follow instructions at this page:

but there are a number of problems:
1. It talks about "conf/internal/" but I only have "internal/conf/"
2. Editing "" and adding listen-port makes no difference to the port being listened on for connections.

I can see that various other configuration files are changed upon service restart, but I can also see from netstat that nothing is listening on port 8181, and the service is still running on 8080. None of the base-urls are changed. I suspect I am missing something in my install (?) to not have "", but no errors were given and everything seems to be running fine, apart from the port.

Can anyone help please?

Deployed on Windows Server 2008 R2.
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i think you are using the wrong path, please go to %programdata%
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Thanks Oscar

I have the right path from what I can tell. I was asked where to install (strange that it didn't default to %programdata%\YouTrack6.0 or something), and I chose C:\YouTrack.

The YouTrack installation inside %programdata% is definitely 5.0.

Any more ideas?

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My upgrade steps:
1. please uninstall old youtrack
2. install 6.0 as per screen instruction
3. 6.0 will use 8080 as default without asking, just upgrade with 8080
4. go to %programdata% (yupe, i was selected C:\YouTrack too for installation path)
5. stop youtrack service.
6. add listen-port pair value.
7. start youtrack service.
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Thanks Oscar, I misread %programdata% as %programfiles%. It's now working.

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