User activity report

Hello. Version 6.0 adds several cool reports, but there is one thing I cannot implement with any of them.

Our team is devided to developers and testers, pretty common situation at my opinion. Tasks are created by our customers and support team. A developer picks it up and change it's state to "In progress" etc. When he finished his work, he sets state to "testing needed" and sets a tester as an assignee. If tester confirms it is ok, he closes the task. If not, he resets assignee to developer and change it's state to "Open" or whatever.

All I need is to see how many tasks developers and testers did altered (switched it's state) during today/yesterday/week. I've tried "State transition" report with grouping by assignee, but it shows only current situation, so tester would have most tasks done, and only few not closed ones are shown as changed by developer.

Can you suggest me how to create such activity report? Maybe I should change something in my current workflow?

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