How are active users counted and paid for?

I am using Youtrack In Cloud. We would like to offer our clients the ability to login, create issues, comment and check on their status. We do not need to show time track, reports, saved searches, etc.

From what I understand the billing per user, is for active users who are not banned.

How can I give access to my clients? Each client may have 2-6 people who might access their projects on our Youtrack. We don't need them to see all the comments either (we can put them in a Client group or role).

What is possible here?
I saw the following references after browsing through threads in this forum. But both links have a big fat Notice at the top saying that there are no more "Reporters". Does this mean that I have to pay for every client who wants access to the tickets?
Hello Rajeev,

We're already in contact in another thread, however, I'll post the answer here as well.
We removed reporters from our plans almost two years ago. Every person registered in YouTrack instance counts towards the license.
Alternatively, I'd suggest you to try our helps desk configuration. With this, you're able to communicate with customers, but all requests from them will be created under special user in YouTrack, say, 'Reporter'.

Let me know if need any further assistance with this.
Thank you so much for your response and support!
You're welcome!

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