Migrate to TFS

As far as I could see all TFS related questions in here deal with integration or migrating from TFS to Youtrack. Our project is looking into moving the other way. We want to move our data from Youtrack into TFS. No integration, just move.
Is there any information available on how to accomplish this? (I will obviously post this in the TFS forums as well.)\

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Hi Mark,

On our end, all AnotherIssueTracker > YouTrack migration solutions based on YouTrack REST API and available API of AnotherIssueTracker.
In general, using TFS API and existing YouTrack REST API you are able move your data from YouTrack to TFS.

Thank you.
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Sorry for the late response!
Thanks Andrey. So basically need to code this myself. Was hoping for ready to use code. ;-)
Thanks again!

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