Explain how the "similar issues" searching works

I am new to Youtrack and trying to understand why when creating an issue, the "similar issues" does not pick up another issue with the same exact title.  Also, when I have an issue created, and select the "Similar Issues", it's pulling up more than what I think should be matched on.  I've tried in two different projects that I've setup.  I've read some threads about "turning it off", but unsure how to do that.  I also thought that maybe it uses the text indexing, so I turned off all languages except the only one I need and it still doesn't seem to help.  I even restarted the service, thinking that my indexing wasn't working as it showed 0.0 mb, but now i see that it's up to .3 mb (db size is 31.8 mb).  It seems like it does work if I have more than two words.

I would like to know how it works, what is it matching on, is it case sensitive, is it searching both summary and description fields, are there any issues when using the mainbox integration (email generating the issue), number of words to key off of? etc... I am not seeing anything in the admin guide for "similar issues".

I am using stand - alone, YouTrack 6 Build 12124


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