Not able to restore database on fresh install of youtrack


I am in the process of migrating from youtrack 5.0.3 to youtrack 6.

Currently I am trying to restore our current database in a sandbox youtrack 5.0.3 environment. Afterwards I want to migrate the database to youtrack 6.

I just:
  • installed youtrack 5.0.3 on my laptop,
  • stopped the youtrack service
  • configured the database location to C:\YoutrackDB
  • extracted the backup to C:\YoutrackDB
    - restarted the service
    &nbsp- restarted the service
    When I open a browser and navigate to localhost: 8080 I get the following exception

java.lang.ClassCastException: Role: id = 25-0[up-to-date]' cannot be cast to Entity of type 'User'

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards, Bas
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Hi again,

Tried to upgrade youtrack 6 in one go, and that does work fine.

This issue can be closed.

Best regards. Bas

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