How can I restrict project from project creators?

Is it possible to make some project restricted from persons who are able to create another projects?
For example I'd like to hide HR and Recruitment projects from PM's but PM's would like to be able to create projects.

The following case is ideal:
  • Project Creator have some permission which doesn't allow to observe projects but allows to create projects
  • If Project Creator creates project he automatically obtain Project Admin for this project only
Please suggest either it's possible to be configured.
Please suggest if there are some workarounds.

Do developers overview the messages?
Hello Aen,

Please, take our apologies for not responding earlier!
Unfortunately, it's not possible to configure groups so to be able to create projects and not to be able to read several of them in Administration. For now, you can either grant permissions to create project or restrict admin permissions at all. We're aware of this usability problem and will be able to support this scenario in future.
Currently, I suggest you to leave admin person who will be able to create projects and grant project admin permissions for the projects to target group.

Thank you.
Great thanks!
How can I help to put this usability issue in roadmap?

This post is a little over a year old now, has any progress been made towards allowing this scenario?  This is a pretty big issue in my opinion.  We want to allow certain people the ability to create their own projects without having to go to an admin to request the project, but we can't allow those users to have admin permissions on everyone else's projects to do so.  


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