Creating new Project-Level fields for use in Workflows

In our organization, we assign a business lead to each project.
We wish to have a workflow where when a task is moved to a QA Ready swim lane, we assign that ticket to the business lead for the project.

We have the workflow code all written and working just fine, using the Project Owner field to hold the user we want, but we would prefer having a specific field for this user.

Is it possible to add custom project-level fields in YouTrack?
Unfortunately, it hasn't implemented yet, please see JT-22858.
We figured out a solution that works for us.

We are encoding the information we need in the project description.

In the description I write:
Business Lead: [my.login]
And the code extracts the value and uses the project.getUser(login) to change the Assignee.

So in this way I suppose we can now add arbitrary data at the project level.

Edit: I attached a photo of the code we ended up using but it doesn't show for some reason. Here is the full code listing for the workflow.

whenState.changed && (Type=={Story} || Type=={Task}) && State=={QA Testing} {
    var desc = project.description.substringBetween("Business Lead [","]");
    message("Assigning To Business Lead:"+project.getUser(desc).fullName);

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