Time reporting

Some of the version 4 time reporting that was redesigned in or before version 6 was much more user friendly than before it was redesigned – specifically the functionality relating to changing the date range on time reports. I would love to see JetBrains bring this back! Please see the screenshots and descriptions below for further details:
- Time period editable with a joint view of both the from and to calendars (see screenshot1) rather than separate calendars for the from and to fields (see screenshot 2)and which forces you to change the from field before the to field if you want to advance your time range past the current to value.
- Time period easily editable from report without clicking on the edit icon (see screenshot 3)

It would also be great if time reports could be broken down by date so you could view your time on a day to day basis and it would be great if work item (time tracking) comments were displayed on time reports.  Are these on the roadmap or are there any workarounds to achieve the same?

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