Issues getting YouTrack Service to start

Hi everyone

I followed the instructions to install YouTrack JAR as a service. URL:

The problem I'm having is at step 8 where it tells me to service youtrack start. When I do type that command I get the following error:
Starting youtrack...
"/home/youtrack/standalone/bin/wrapper" "/home/youtrack/standalone/conf/wrapper.conf" wrapper.syslog.ident=youtrack wrapper.pidfile="/home/youtrack/standalone/" wrapper.daemonize=TRUE

I'm sure it has something to do with the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper, but I'm not sure. The documentation provided a dead url so I mistakenly downloaded the PRO version which requires a license. So I removed all those files and tried the community version which from my understanding is free. Even with that I still cannot get youtrack to start as a service. Can anybody help me out?

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