Migration error issues with tags from YouTrack to YouTrack


I am trying to import Issues from one YouTrack installation to another. As pointed out here
I am using the Python Client Library in the latest version.

The routine did not import any issues with tags assigned to them, failing with errors like  
<item id="586" imported="false">
<error fieldName="tags">Field is unknown</error>
</item> [...]

I ended up having only a small subset of my issues imported, with the rest (those with tags assigned) being left out. I already tried creating the respective tags myself as well as setting them public.

I did a quick search on the REST API syntax on this page https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD6/Import+Issues where "tags" is not listed as a predefined field though it is being sent to the target server like this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Source: YouTrack 6.0 Build 12124 on Windows x64
Target: YouTrack 6.0 Build 12577 on Ubuntu x64
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I just narrowed the problem down, the correct syntax for tags seems to be
<tag cssClass="tag5">Tag One</tag>
<tag cssClass="tag4">Tag Two</tag>
<tag cssClass="tag2">Tag Three</tag>

rather than
<field name="tags">
  <value>Tag One</value>
  <value>Tag Two</value>
  <value>Tag Three</value>

as this is how the response body of a GET request on an issue with tags assigned looks like.

However, a respective PUT request creates an issue without any tags assigned while returning 200 OK.
Could it be, that it is currently not possible to import tags via the REST API at all?

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