Service level report

I'm interested in creating the report that calculates the average time the ticket spends in every state for the given period according to date/time when the state was changed NOT time metrics calculated by spent time fields.
E.g. assume we have 4 states: New, In progress, Fixed and Closed. There was just 1 ticket created and closed on one day at the following time:
Created (new) at 10:00
State changed (In progress) at 12:00
State changed (Fixed) at 15:00
State changed (Closed) at 20:00
I want a report that would show me the follwing statistics for avg time in each state:
New - 2 hours
In progress - 3 hours
Fixed - 5 hours
Is it possible or not?
Current custom "Resolution time (SLA management)" reports are not informative because I see just some "moving" avg/max and the number of issues solved on given day.
I want to see the time the tickets (detalization to every particular ticket will be ideal) spend in every state to have general KPI of the service.

Thank you in advance

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