Using Hub when both it & YouTrack are behind a reverse proxy

Hi everyone,

I'm running into an issue where the Hub integration in YouTrack seems to be changing automatically, from the SSL-secured version behind the proxy to the base url within Hub itself.

Basically, I've got YouTrack running with its base URL in the software being, then I'm using an IIS reverse proxy and having people access it via That seems to work fine- we can get to YouTrack no problem at the SSL-secured address.

For authentication, I've got Hub setup with its URL configured as, then I've got another IIS reverse proxy setup, and everyone is just supposed to be accessing it via Again, this seems to work fine.

So yesterday, I've got YouTrack pointed to in Hub Integration, and on the Hub side I've got the YouTrack service using, and everything is working fine. However, when I come in today, both sides have reverted to using the non-SSL secured URLs. I go to Hub Integration in YouTrack, and the url is listed as, and the YouTrack service in Hub is pointed to

I feel like there's a configuration step I've missed here. Does anybody have any guidance?


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