Youtrack and github integration - link commit with no status change

We've recently integrated youtrack and github, and now every commit with '#issueID fixed' is added to the issue VCS changes successfully.

However, I don't always want to change the issue status when committing. I only want to link the commit to the issue without changing anything else in the issue.

I tried adding '#issueID' in the commit message but it seems youtrack doesn't recognise this as it has no command attached.

What is the syntax to link a commit to an issue without changing other properties of the issue.



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Is there any errors on "VCS changes" tab in target issue? Commonly, following format should work well:


What's your YouTrack version and build number? Is it InCloud (could you please share the instance name?) ?

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There are no errors in VCS changes - it's simply states issue has no changes.

We;re working with version 6.5.

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Hello Eldad,

Is it an InCloud instance? Could you please share its name? If it's Stand-alone, please send me YouTrack log files to with screenshots of VCS changes of the issue to which you sent commit.

How to grab log files .


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