Add new version to multiple issues without deleting current version

I want to use the command windows to set a version to multiple issues. But if they have other versions assigned already, i don't want them to be overwritten. 


  • There are 20 issues assigned to version 2.0
  • I need 5 of those issues in a patch for version 1.1
  • I select those 5 issues in the list
  • Then i can set the fix version to version 1.1

This will then remove version 2.0 of those issues. But for those 5 issues, version 1.1 AND 2.0 must be assigned. 

Is this possible to do using the command windows with multiple issues?




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Hello Beat,

Looks like "Fix versions" field has "single value" type. You can refer to Projects -> your project -> Edit -> Fix version -> change Type to "Can specify multiple values". 

After that you can apply command: 

Fix versions: version 1.1 

for those 5 issues. This change won't overwrite your current version- version 2.0.

Let me know if need any further assistance.

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The project does have "Can specify muliple values" set to the fix version field.

And it of course will overwrite the current version. Otherwise i wouldn't ask this very question here?

Did you test was you just wrote?


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Hello Beat,

Sorry for confusing you.

Then you can apply following command for those 5 issues:

Fix versions: version 1.1 version version 2.0

Let me know if this doesn't help.

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No problem.

This still doesn't solve my problem 

  • One issue has already version 3
  • One issue has already version 4
  • I want to set version 2.1 for both issues in addition to their already existing version
  • They shall remain their already assigned version

The result must be: 

  • One issue with version 2.1 and version 3
  • One issue with version 2.1 and version 4
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Hi Beat,

Thank you for details.

The thing is, command overwrites, current value(s). In fact remaining is not possible, so you need to set current value via command again.

So you need to apply two different commands for two issue groups:

First issue group:

- Fix version version 2.1 version 3

Second issue group:

- Fix version version 2.1 version 4


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