Carry over Time Spent?

I am running sprints with virtual versions.  I noticed that if I have a task carried over from previous sprint, its time spent would not be carried over to current sprint which causes incorrect remaining effort number in burn down chart.  Is it expected behaviour or some configuration error?

Thank you.



Unfortunately I can not reproduce the issue, can you please provide the exact steps that you perform?


I created a test board which only filter one ticket to demo the issue


Here is the sprint duration

Here is the ticket's estimate (2d) and detailed time spent history.  They are all logged outside of the sprint.

Here is the burn down.  The remaining effort is still the original estimate (2d) instead of 2d - time spent logged before the sprint.  It means that my current sprint will never reach 0 remaining effort.


Thank you for the details, can you also elaborate - how are you changing the sprint name for the issue: from the command dialog on the agile board, in the issue itself, manually?



I create sprints by click on the "New Sprint" link in sprint detail dialogue.

And I select the checkbox to move unfinished task to the new created sprint.



Sorry for the delay, but I still can not reproduce the issue. Do you have a standalone or InCloud YouTrack? What's the exact version that you're using?


It is a standalone version.  Here is version detail

  • JetBrains Bug & Issue Tracker YouTrack 6.5
  • Build 16853 28-Oct-2015 09:24

I am also including a screenshot of fields configuration and hope it helps.

Liubov Melnikova

Can you please try the latest version of the YouTrack? 

Let me know, if issue remains.


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