Estimating with story points and epics

Following the good instructions you have provided I have set up the following:

  • 2 boards at the Epic and Feature levels for management and developers respectively
  • Estimating tasks based on story points

The features board works exactly as expected: the estimated story points for the tasks are summed and displayed as totals for each feature. We can see the total size of each feature based on its subtask's story points.

What isn't working as expected is the Epics board: the total story points for each feature aren't displayed. Instead the features are shown as "No story points". The epics show a total size of 0.

What I would have expected is that the epics board shows the story points for each feature based on it's subtasks, and the epic is shown with the cumulated total of all the features.

Have I made a mistake in the setup? Can I achieve this with YouTrack?

Thanks and regards from Berlin,



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