REST API "Failed to create service account from Hub, giving up" error


Hi! I'm trying to receive data from REST Api after Authorization in Hub. Here is my actions:

1. Authenticate application in Hub using Client credentials flow (by the way, is it right flow choice for chat bot?)

POST /api/rest/oauth2/token HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic BLA_BLA
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



2. Then i'm trying to get issues from YouTrack, using recieved access token

GET /rest/issue HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN
Accept: application/json

Response has status 500 with this message
{"value": "Failed to create service account from Hub, giving up"}


What's going on and what should i do? Thanks

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Hello Dmitriy,

Apologize for the delay!

Could you please let me know what would you like to implement with this chat-bot? There is already an option to receive notifications and apply commands via Jabber-bot:

When sent POST request, did you add YouTrack service ID and its secret within Basic authorization? ( 

Also, if you would like to register new service, please check create it as guided here .

Thanks for your answer, but problem already solved: it was internal youtrack error. Updating youtrack to fresher build fix issue.


Hello Dmitriy,

Thank you for updates. You are welcome.


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