Scrum daily stand-up with digital agile-board

I would like to open a discussion on how other organizations that use YouTrack, hold their daily stand-ups with an online agile-board.
We have recently moved our projects and issues to YouTrack, from our previous issue tracker which had a lame agile-board. With our previous tool we ended up having our "physical" board in our office, where we would all update the status of the tickets. Now it is much more comfortable and easy to keep every thing updated, however there is step of the process that is important to us and we still don't find the perfect fit.

During the day, each developer that finished a Task, instead of moving it to "Done" State, he/she put a Post-it on it with the title "Done", and during the next daily stand up, when explaining the job done yesterday he/she removed the Post-it and moved the Task to "Done" State. This was useful for us in order to remember what we did yesterday. I can think of adding a intermediate State for this, however I don't kind of like it.

Have any of you gotten to the same point, how have you solved it?


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Hello Guillem,

I think you can try to use "In Progress" when work on particular task. Next day you can move it to "Done".

Thanks Andrey, however "In Progress" is the one that we use when a developer is actually working on the Task, that doesn't mean that the Task is done at the end of the day and that it can be moved to the "done" State.

In the our developers' Agile Board, we only show the states that we had in our physical board, which are "Scheduled" (meaning scheduled in the current sprint), "In Progress" and "Fixed". To this standard ones, we added the "To be discussed" in order to highlight Tasks that are blocked or require the attention of the Product Owner in order to be fulfilled.

I assume that an option is to add an intermediate State, but I was asking the community if someone had a more creative way of doing it, as we are new to YouTrack and to managing ourselves with a digital agile board.


Hello Guillem,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I think you can mark those issues, which are supposed to be done, with tag "Complete" in the end of the day. Next day you, when move issues to state "Done" and remove tag "Complete" from the issues.

I intentionally suggested to use "Complete" as a tag name, because having two entities with matching names is not a good practice. They can unexpectedly match when search by values, i.e. "#Done".

It's possible to automate the tag deletion using custom workflow:


Hi Andrey,

I really like your solution, hadn't thought of the usage of the Tags by this means, but since it is possible to give them a color and show them in the Agile board, it definitely makes sense for us. It is the most similar approach to the green post-it that we attached to a finished task. I also see that Tags can be configured to unTag on resolved, so we don't even need to add a workflow for that.

thanks for your valuable help



Hi Guillem,

You're welcome. Yes, forgot to mention- there is already an option to untag.

Let me know if need any further assistance.




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