After Upgrade "Last message related emails" command for mailbox post processing is gone

We recently upgraded to 6.5 and then integrated Hub with our instance of Youtrack. One of our projects was configured as a help desk; the mailbox integration for that project had a rule that was configured to use the "Last message related emails" command during the post processing of new issues. After our recent upgrade this command is no longer recognized nor does it appear in the Command on New Issues select list. How to we gain access to this command once again?

I created an issue for this, here:


NOTE: We seemed to have fixed this by deleting the mail rule, recreating it and re-applying the command. Note: The command is confusing because it does not appear in the list.. but when I pasted it in.. a solid grey line appeared under it and then I saved.  Upon going back into the rule though.. it now appears with a squiggly red line underneath it. It appears to be working though... Disconcerting.

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