Lightweight Task lists

YouTrack has a complete system for managing sub-tasks. However, this can all be pretty heavy. More often, I have a task, which may have a series of implementation steps, but I don't want to create separate tickets for each, since they aren't really tracked separately. For example, for a new feature I may have tasks like:

- define data model
- define DB migration scripts
- create HTML component

While these are separate tasks, I want to simplify by having them managed from within the parent ticket.

In a way, the 'Time Tracking' tab has an interface that would be similar... it's just a list of items. For tasks, perhaps they would each have a checkmark indicating if they are done, who did the work, etc. and perhaps would integrate into time tracking where we could see how much time each took.

One reason I don't want to create all these subtasks as their own tickets is how much it pollutes the main searches. 

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Official comment

Please vote/comment for the feature request in our tracking system to increase it's priority and be notified about updates: 

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Really missing this feature here :-)

Was it implemented or rejected? The link is dead...

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This was implemented using markdown lists. You can include a list in a ticket description, and it will render clickable checkboxes that are updated.

Check out the `Checklists` section of this page:

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Thanks, Jon! That is indeed an amazing feature. It would be really nice though, if there was some kind of indication, e.g. on the card in an agile board, of how many checks have been made and how many items are still unchecked (like Trello does). Maybe that's too much to ask, because you can create more than one lists in a ticket description, but it would really help efficiency :-)


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