Mailbox integration - convert HTML mail to Plain Text or markdown

Hi there, 


We're using YouTrack 6.5 Build 17057 and are working on mailbox integration. The basic configuration is already done and works quite well.


But if an issue is created from an HTML-E-Mail and someone edits the issue, the description area is messed up with HTML-Code. (see sample screenshot below)


Now my question: 

Is there a way to modify the mail, so that the mailcontent is converted to youtrack markdown or at least to plain text?


Thanks for your help.


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Hi Daniel, thanks for reporting this issue, I have created a bug for it in our tracker. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

As for your question, unfortunately it's not currently possible to convert mailcontent to markdown/plain text, but we have a feature request for using plain text for the tickets created from mailbox integration. Please feel free to vote/comment on it to increase its priority.



What is the status of this request? The links to the bug and feature request are closed.



IMHO it isn't really solved yet. In your mailbox integration settings under "Postprocessing. Set up automatic operations to apply to new issues and comments created from emails" you can tick "Use plain text for issue description" but this doesn't really convert the HTML code to markdown, so nearly every formatting of the mail such as underlines or bold prints are removed and images are no longer placed at the original position etc. But if you edit the ticket, it is much easier to read.


@admin: which YouTrack build are you using? This issue is fixed in JT-29769, build 2017.3.35968
In later builds you can check an option 'Use plain text for issue description' in the rule settings.

@Daniel: so is the issue still unresolved for you? As far as I can tell from your original post, you were looking for the plain text option as well. Is this option not working fine for your tickets? Please feel free to share details.


We're on 2018.3.46358

We have this option selected in mail integration settings for our project, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

I just created a ticket now, the result being:




Well, with this ticket we hoped to get an option to convert HTML-Mails directly to markup. So the sender can send an HTML formatted email and we can edit the request afterwards easily. That means, we wanted to get rid of the whole HTML markup crap that makes the ticket unreadable when editing it, but keep the text formatting. I.e. when the sender has some bold text in his HTML Mail this text will be converted to '''bold text''' in YT. Or if he adds an image in between his text the image is at the position !imagename!. You loose all this information if you use plain text and its too messed up / unreadable when using HTML. 


Daniel, sorry for the late response.

Probably there was a misunderstanding, actually we don't have a converter from HTML to Wiki/Markdown and we don't have plans to develop one because only a small number of HTML features could be converted to Wiki/Markdown properly.

We have implemented only the feature that converts HTML to plain text, no further markup.


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