YouTrack Backup Size Growing Very Fast


I have a YouTrack Standalone (Docker) running since a few months and I see a daily

increase of the backup file of ~ 0.5 - 1.5 MB.

We have only 2 user with a very moderate amount of tickets and don't attach any files to issues.

Our backups are already 50 MB and if the size keeps growing at this rate we'll have huge backups in no time.

Is this expected behavior? Is there a way to prune the youtrack data base?



Liubov Melnikova
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How many attachments do you have? Could you please check, if the folder with "blobs" or not is big?

We have very few and small attachments,  "blobs" has only 2MB (see below for an overview of the used diskspace).


/srv/youtrack # du -lh
393M    ./logs/youtrack
5.9M    ./logs/hub
42M    ./logs/internal/services/bundleProcess
42M    ./logs/internal/services
42M    ./logs/internal
1016M    ./logs
2.0M    ./data/youtrack/blobs
130M    ./data/youtrack/textindex
363M    ./data/youtrack
28K    ./data/conf/youtrack
28K    ./data/conf/hub
16K    ./data/conf/internal/services/bundleProcess
8.0K    ./data/conf/internal/services/bundle-hub-configurator
16K    ./data/conf/internal/services/adminService
16K    ./data/conf/internal/services/startingPage
20K    ./data/conf/internal/services/bundleBackend
8.0K    ./data/conf/internal/services/configurationWizard
88K    ./data/conf/internal/services
108K    ./data/conf/internal
180K    ./data/conf
8.0K    ./data/hub/blobs
40M    ./data/hub
8.0K    ./data/internal/services/adminService
12K    ./data/internal/services
16K    ./data/internal
402M    ./data
28K    ./conf/youtrack
28K    ./conf/hub
16K    ./conf/internal/services/bundleProcess
8.0K    ./conf/internal/services/bundle-hub-configurator
16K    ./conf/internal/services/adminService
16K    ./conf/internal/services/startingPage
20K    ./conf/internal/services/bundleBackend
16K    ./conf/internal/services/configurationWizard
96K    ./conf/internal/services
116K    ./conf/internal
196K    ./conf
55M    ./backups
1.5G    .



I'm running the following docker image `jetbrains/youtrack:2018.2.42133` but the backup size was growing just as fast with a previous version.

Liubov Melnikova

Could you please try to restart the instance with this key `-Dexodus.gc.utilization.fromScratch=true`?


I'm using the docker version of YouTrack. I have added the key

to /srv/youtrack/conf/youtrack.jvmoptions and then I have restarted the docker container.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to do this but will report back after the next backup.


Rebooting YouTrack with the key reduced the backup size from 53 MB to 17 MB which is nice, however the backup size keeps growing at the

same speed as before. I guess I'll have to reboot from time to time.

Thanks for your help.


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