Feature Request: Report REST API

Hello.  We would like to automate the burndown chart for the current sprint.  We have a saved query named 'CurrentSprint' and have used the REST API to update this to contain the current sprint.  The problem is that we follow 2 week sprints and this is not an option for a burndown chart.  To get around this, we use a fixed period.  We would like the ability to set this period through the REST API.  If this is not possible, being able to set a time frame for the report, such as every X days, would also be acceptable.

Official comment

Could you please let us know, why "current sprint" functionality is not suitable for you?

Thank you for the quick response.  The current sprint query is working correctly.  The problem is that we cannot automate setting the period on the burndown chart.  After 2 weeks the date range no longer shows the current day and has to be updated manually.  We would like to either have access to this variable via the REST api or be allowed to specify a specific number of days/weeks.


Any update on this?

Liubov Melnikova

I'm sorry for the delay. Feel free to describe the feature request more detailed in our tracking system http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/JT#newissue=yes .




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