RTL Support for user interface


I'm an educator involved in the development of a new learning environment for science studes in Hebrew.

I allready use YouTrack with its English UI for other project and enjoin it very much, I thonk you built a very freindly, efficiant and useful tool. So now I would like to implement it in the meantioned project too.

However, in this case i'll need to localize the UI too, it won't be enough to localize custom fields and messages. 

I read the help about UI customization and it seems feaseble. I also will be glad to share it with you once done.

However I have to question about this localization:

1. Can UI localization be done for cloud use of YouTrack? Or is it only for server installations?

2. Is it posible to switch all the UI to RTL alignment? For instance can menus be displayed from the right? Or shearch field be switched to the right?



Liubov Melnikova
Official comment


1. UI localization can only be done  for standalone YouTrack.

2. Please check this article on the RTL support: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Right-to-Left-Languages-Support.html .

Hi You can download the chrome extension I developed for  that case, it's free:




Thanks Tzur, it's a while, but I'm still very happy for the update, i probably will use it soon.


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