How to create search with "attribute1: value1" and get issues where attribute1 has ONLY ONE value and it's value1

In one of my projects I have several attributes with versions: Affected Version, Planned Version, etc.

I need to select "Affected Version: version1", but there are issues where Affected Version has multiple values, like "Affected Version: version1, version2, version3". I need to omit these ones in the search result.


issue1 - Affected Version: version1

issue2 - Affected Version: version1, version3

issue3 - Affected Version: version1, version2

issue4 - Affected Version: version1

I want to build query "Affected Version: version1" and see issue1 and issue4.

Is it possible? How to build this query?

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Unfortunately, this is not possible currently.

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