Automatically add tasks to a board

The question is pretty simple:

- All tasks are allocated to versions 

- When the task is created and the version value is filled this task must automatically jump to the agile board 

- The query is: version: 1.18 status: open 

- If the query or status has changed - the task must disappear from the board


What is the way for performing such an action would be? 


Liubov Melnikova
Official comment


Could you please try to add the tasks to the board as per ?

I've tried that. Works not exactly as i wanted it to act. If i disable a sprint - tasks automatically jump to the board and i do not need to assign them manually. That is pretty good. The bad thing is that there is no ending date. I need to do: 

1. Be able to assign tasks to the board by picking up the version (this requirement has been met)

2. Be able to see the ending date of the version that i am planning

Why i can not do this? This is so simple! 


And why this has no translation to Russian?

Liubov Melnikova

Did you try "Link sprints to custom field"?





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