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I have a question about time tracking, for example we have two issues with one assignee and both has state in progress , In Progress Work Timer counting time.
After an hour(and after set state Fixed) timer add one hour to both issues ,but assignee is dealing only with first issue...So i want to split time between issues 50/50 ,30 minutes to first issue and 30 minutes to second issues ,is there any ways to do it ?

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You will have to modify (or create a new workflow on the base of) the workflow 'In Progress Work Timer' so that it will check how many issues are currently in progress for this assignee and split the time accordingly. The specific logic modification is up to your business process, but I can suggest looking at https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/incloud/v1-search.html, there is an example of searching for 'In Progress' issues for the current user.

Ok , i'll give a try! Thanks for explanation.


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