Hiding swimlanes when they have no tickets that fall under them


I've currently got a task board which shows all of the tasks associated with a set of user stories and flow that is 


Funnel, In progress, Done

Currently i'm testing this out and have a structure as below with the user stories as swimlanes:

Given that not every user story has tasks associated with it. How can i hide these swimlanes that have no tasks ?

I'm also wanting to keep items in the done column only for one sprint before they disappear, how can this be configured.

Enjoying the product, thanks guys!

Liubov Melnikova
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Please try to use the following query: has: {Parent of} or Type: -Feature

I think i just need to know the query to find


All user stories which have linked subtasks.

Any ideas ?


The "has: {Parent of}" query doesn't seem to be an option


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