YouTrack Docker Container Installation


I used this to install the YouTrack docker container on a server:

When I try to start with:

docker run -it --name youtrack-server-instance -v /data/youtrack/data:/opt/youtrack/data -v /data/youtrack/conf:/opt/youtrack/conf -v /data/youtrack/logs:/opt/youtrack/logs -v /data/youtrack/backups:/opt/youtrack/backups -p 8080:8080 jetbrains/youtrack:2018.1.39916

I get the following error:

Config directory is not writable: /opt/youtrack/conf

All the local directories (/data/youtrack/logs, /data/youtrack/data,...) are present and configured as stated in the documentation.
What am I missing? What is the problem? How can I make /opt/youtrack/conf writable?

Thank you


Liubov Melnikova
Official comment

Could you please check, if the YouTrack service has rights to write into this directory?

Hello Lüba and quanta,

quantas hint was helping me to resolve the issue with missing rights. Thanks quanta!

The next Problem was, that YouTrack told me it had not enough entropy for generating random numbers.

[YouTrack Error] Failed to start JetBrains YouTrack 2018.1 due to unexpected exception: Native random generator does not seem to have enough entropy for JetBrains YouTrack 2018.1 to start.
[YouTrack Error] You can fix it by switching to PRNG (with or by reconfiguring your operation system to provide more random bits.

I could solve this by installing and onfiguring rng-tools (

The last problem is, that my DigitalOcean instance has not enough Memory for YouTrack. I'll try to install it locally in my computer instead of the server. I just wanted to play around with it.

Thanks again for all your help!


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