Gantt Chart - Wrong Start Date?

Hi All,

I've scoured the forums and Google for an answer and can't seem to find anything. I'm having an issue with the calculation or display of my Gantt Charts in YouTrack 2018.2.

I have my work week set up to be Monday through Friday. However, when I set the start date on a Gantt chart in the reports section, it picks the day before the start date to display on my report. If I pick the day after the actual start date, the Gantt chart starts on the right day but then doesn't have the correct number of hours in the first week (it's missing the first day's worth). See the image below for what it looks like when I configure the report correctly.

Does anyone know what's going on here? I tried checking all of the time tracking settings and they're all set to the correct values. I tried changing the time zone settings (both global and profile levels) to see if that had any effect on anything to no avail. I tried changing the system time and time zone on the server it's running on which didn't do anything. I tried checking all of my client computer's settings (browser localization, system time etc.) and everything was right and changing them did nothing.

I'm completely lost at this point but might have one lead. The datepickers on my issue due date fields starts on Monday. (see image)

This is strange since nothing is set to a localization that would make that happen (everything is US English). Also, there's no official way to change those datepickers' start dates through YouTrack. I've also never changed anything in any program or computer to have Monday be the start of the week.

I'm out of ideas and would be indebted to anyone who knows what's going on.

Thanks in advance.

Liubov Melnikova
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COuld you please create a bug report for my name with the following info: what were the timezones for JVM, user and server?

Thanks for the response. I went and added a ticket like you suggested.


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