Hide Details for Client Accounts on Issues

Hello, I want to allow our clients to be able to communicate with the our employees (developers, quality officers, etc...) on the issues they have opened, however I want them to have limited functionality. They can only comment and mention other users and I want to abstract the state that they see. What I mean by that is instead of them seeing the actual state of the issue (To Do, In Progress Dev, ..., Done) they should only see  2 states: Pending which corresponds to all the states except Done, and Done which corresponds to the Done state.

Is this doable? I was not able to find this when looking around in my settings, not sure if I missed something.

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Liubov Melnikova
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You can only make the whole field private or public, not the state, unfortunately: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/incloud/Private-and-Public-Issue-Fields.html .

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