Added custom field but it is not updatable on the issue form


I added a custom field called Time Estimate to a project.  I see it displayed on the issue form on the right and I can change the default value but my data entry is not saved and reverts back to the default value (see screenshots). 

I tried setting the new field to a float, string or period data type but it never saves what I entered.  There is a due date field (date datatype) that I added to the project and I see that below the Time Estimate field and the date field works fine.  I can select a date or remove it and it saves what I typed.  But not the other field.

Am I doing something wrong?  Thank you for your help.


I selected due date and that worked fine. I then entered 1.5 in the Estimation field.

When I left the Estimation field, the 1.5 I entered turned back into ?, which was the default value.

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Could you please try to create a field from scratch and provide me all settings of the field and the info about it's usability?

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Thank you for your reply but I have already given you all this information.  I created the field from scratch as shown in the screenshots above, and I told you about its usability.  I can see the fields on the ticket entry screen and I can enter data but the data is not saved in the estimation field but data is saved in the due date field.  Please let me know exactly what other info you would like to know.  Thank you.

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Do you have time-tracking setup in the project?


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