Many API routes "Not Found"


We have been running API code without issue for a while. Recently, it has stopped working. The error returned by most routes is:

<error>Not Found</error>

Some routes work fine. does return a list of results.

BUT, most return not found:

All these used to work until recently. Any ideas what could have happened?



Official comment

Unfortunately, these methods were deprecated, since we will have a new documented REST API soon.

One of our internal tools depends on the agile REST API. We probably missed the announcement for deprecation otherwise we would have rewritten to use other functionalities.

Can anyone link us to a post where this announcement was made, and more importantly where to find alternatives.

We're using tickets from many different project in a single sprint. So the agile API was ideal for this. I don't directly see how to replicate this functionality with the currently available methods, so i need some direction.



Yep, this is a real shame. We use these extensively internally and it has greatly affected our work and systems. Any guidance on when that new API will be available would be great. Thank you!


Please feel free to create a support ticket, we will help you to reconfigure your scripts with the new API. Unfortunately, there was no announcement. 


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