No Agile Board shown for new user


I add a new user. 

I give him the persmissions for the project / agile board.

When the user logs in an presses the agil board link he gets a blank page (nothing is shown).


The URI is wrong - the board number in the link (for example: /...agiles/88-84/92-1810) ist not the one the user has permissions for. After changing the URI by hand for one time the problem does not show up anymore.


Right now I can help the users with this problem by looking up the right board URI and copy&paste it into the URL field of the Browser. This is a workaround but no valid handling for the future. 

Any help why this problem arises and how it can be prevented?

Thx everybody for reading!

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Where user presses the link for agile board?

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Hello Lüba,

yes, I'm talking about the Agile-Boards link on the head of the page.


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Could you please share username of the affected user and the name of the instance?

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It's a local installation. It's a new user (we are currently at 270 users from 500). This happened at least 2 times now.

We are experiencing more problems the more users we add right now (having to delete users because they were never ablle to login with the first creates user data).


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